Product Copy

Diageo Special Releases 2020 x Whisky Loot

An example of the online product copy I produced for a Whisky Loot tasting pack. This pack contains limited edition whiskies from Diageo's Special Releases series, an annually released range of limited edition whiskies.

The eCommerce copy has to be engaging, while quickly and clearly describing the contents, rarity and points of difference – both of these whiskies, and of the Whisky Loot product.

Supported by email and social marketing, this was one of most popular product landing pages in its month of launch, and was successful in converting to sales.

Tasting Pack Copy

Each Whisky Loot tasting pack comes with a card of tasting notes of "nose, taste and finish".

In addition, each individual bottle has a short description of the distillery and whisky at hand.

With limited room, I write in a compelling and concise manner, describing the spirits in a manner that is easily understood, without use of jargon or pretentious language.

Bottle Shop Copy

Like the Tasting Packs, each bottle on the Whisky Loot store requires tasting notes, short descriptions and subtly different, yet similar "details" section which offers a little more description for the reader.

I've written hundreds of product descriptions like this, driving website visitors and sales for my clients. This copy is also re-used across the business as a whole – by social, PR and marketing departments.