Marketing Campaigns

2021 Q2: 'Buffalo Trace Antique Collection'

This was an EDM campaign that introduced Buffalo Trace's premium Antique Collection of American whiskies to Whisky Loot customers. The email also sought to sell Whisky Loot's signature tasting packs.

One of many email campaigns I have written for Whisky Loot.

In addition to the sales angle, the email campaign also offered our readers content value, exploring the stories behind Bourbons on show.

Results: A successful campaign that sold several high value tasting packs and drove traffic to the site, while maintaining our visibility and rapport with customers.

2021 Q2: Diageo Special Releases x Whisky Loot

I wrote the copy and liaised with social and design teams to produce Instagram and Facebook posts supporting the release of Whisky Loot's Diageo Special Releases packs and bottles. This was part of a series of posts and stories introducing this launch.

Results: Part of a successful launch that saw Whisky Loot sell out nearly all their allocation and several high-value packs. Secondary ambition of engaging our social channel followers was also achieved.