BLOG: Now-U – Covid 19 and Waste

Project background

Read the blog here.

The client was now-u, a non-profit app which empowers users to make small positive changes everyday. This work was performed pro-bono.

This blog was produced as part of a new campaign roll-out, educating readers on the problem of Covid-related waste, and encouraging them to sign up to the app.

Creative process

The task required considerable research into its subject matter, as accuracy was of great importance.

Having completed research, I had to answer three questions for the reader: what is the problem? Why does it matter? And what can be done?

Given the sensitivities of the topic (at the height of the pandemic, noone wanted to be lectured to, particularly for taking actions to prevent the spread of the virus), careful-yet-compelling language was required.

I made sure to present the information in an accessible manner, so that readers could fully understand the issues at hand.

Final results

The result was a long-form blog that remains on the website. As a non-profit, there was no direct conversions to quantify, but the blog formed part of a successful campaign that brought new users to the app, in conjunction with social media and email marketing.