BLOG: Gin Loot – Wine Grape Gins

Gin Loot: Get To Know Australia's Wine-Grape Gins

Project background

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A blog produced for Gin Loot, a gin subscription service, with the aim of informing the reader about Australia's burgeoning wine-grape gin style, which combines the nation's distilling and wine-making industries.

Creative process

As this was largely an SEO exercise, I consulted SEMRush for keyword advice. The article was written in the listicle style, with links to products built into the blog, to create opportunities for sales conversions.

With this article, I wanted to place the emphasis on the Australian factor – this is a truly Aussie innovation in a contested industry, and one worth celebrating. As an Australian company that operates entirely within the nation, I thought this would connect best with the client's customers and readers.

Final results

The result was a blog that was shared across the business' social channels and used for both email marketing and advertorial. It remains one of the best-performing blogs for the calendar year.